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Union City Towing Service has been providing quality roadside assistance to our area for years. If you need a tow truck or any other kind of roadside service, call us today. With our fast response times, quality service,  and highly competitive rates, you can count on a great experience.

Our team of towing professionals have spent years responding to countless stranded and roadside situations. Their vast experience and skills in their field has ensured hundreds upon hundreds of successful rescues and responses. You can count us for any type of service, from simple flat tire service or fuel delivery to more complex tow truck and wrecker service. 

Vehicle trouble is never a pleasant thing, and time seems to pass more slowly while waiting for help. We get that, and that’s why we focus so strongly on providing FAST service as well as great quality and prices. Ultimately our mission is to provide the fastest service with the best prices and quality around. NJ Towing Union City has many vehicles and they’re always out serving the city.

If you’re stranded, don’t waste any time in calling us right away. We’ll dispatch an experienced pro to your location immediately and get you back on your way quickly.

We’re available 24 hours a day, holidays & weekends, rain or shine. If you searched for a “tow truck service near me” ,. “towing near me”, or “wrecker service near me” or “towing services near me”, then you found the right place. Our team of experienced towing professionals have responded to pretty much every type of roadside problem possible.  They’re experienced, skilled, and equipped to get you back on your way quickly and smoothly, all for an extremely competitive price. Our ranking in the community is a sign of our continual dedication to providing great value. Give us a call at the number below for any type of roadside assistance you need. We’re the top rated towing company Union City NJ.

Our 24 Hour Roadside Services

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Please Read Regarding Impounded Vehicles!

IMPOUNDED VEHICLES: Unfortunately we’re completely unable to provide any information regarding an impounded vehicle for the city or area of Union City, New Jersey. Please call the Union City Police Department at (201) 865-1111 for information about this matter. Good luck!

PRIVATE LOT TOWING: If you’re looking for a private lot towing service, please call us at 551-239-1459 and we’ll get you set up right away. 

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Five Star Customer Experiences

Being a roadside service provider is not an easy life. A call can come in at any hour of the day or night, and you never know what it will take to get someone–or their vehicle–back on track. It could be 20 minutes, it could be an hour. And it could be in incredibly hot weather, cold weather, in the rain, or in the snow. What we do know is that every call that we get from someone needing our services motivates us to respond quickly and with a sense of urgency. 

We understand that if you’re calling us, you’re probably not having an amazing day. We get that. That’s why we prioritize the speed of our service to help get you back on the road again without delay. Every customer we meet is a new opportunity to strengthen our position and reputation in the community. If you’re stranded, call us today and get fast, affordable, and quality service: 551-239-1459 for roadside assistance Union NJ.

5 Pro's for Choosing Our Towing Service

#1. Fastest Response Times in the Area! Available 24/7.

Getting stranded is an ordeal that only gets worse with time. Whether it’s something simple holding you back like a flat tire or a you’ve been in a wreck, it’s stressful and frustrating. It’s the last thing anybody wants. That’s why our number one priority, after ensuring your safety, is to get you back on the go quickly. Once we get your call, we move with a sense of urgency to respond as quickly as possible. And we’re available day and night, 24 hours by 7 days a week. We don’t care if it’s hot, cold, raining, or late, we’ll take your call and head your way in no time flat. Union City Towing NJ is open all time, and we’re always out there.

#2. Experienced Tow Truck Veterans

After speed of service, quality is vital to a good towing service. What’s the good in arriving quickly if the job isn’t done right anyway? That’s why we work with highly qualified roadside assistance professionals with years of experience. Years in the field has given them the only education that matters when it comes to a smooth roadside service. They’ve seen pretty much every type of roadway problem you can imagine, and are more than capable of resolving your situation professionally. When you call us, you’ll get a real professional who knows what to do. If you need tow trucks Union City call now!

#3. You Can Count on Our Towing Union City

Every great professional relies on his equipment to some degree or another, and our tow truck drivers are the same way. We couldn’t keep up with demand and maintain our pace if we didn’t also maintain our towing equipment and tow trucks. We consider this an important detail that helps us continue to provide quality services. If you looked up towing service near me, the last thing you need to hear from your operator is that he broke down on the way to service your vehicle… or have them arrive in something poorly maintained that causes damage to your vehicle during loading. Our equipment is kept up carefully and intensively to ensure a smooth service for you and every one of our clients. 

#5. We're a LOCAL Union City Tow Truck Service

We’re a local company with local towing service providers. This is a big help in cutting down response times because our local drivers know the area so well. Most of them grew up here, have families here, and know the shortcuts and problem areas. This extra bit of experience and expertise helps them arrive at your location faster.

Plus, we love to keep our local economy growing. When you hire us, you save money with a local towing company which is great, and our team at UC Towing spends our money with other local businesses, local schools, churches, charities, and so on. we keep our local economy growing by all working together in our state of New Jersey.

#5. Best Overall Value

Everyone has a different idea of what value is, but when it comes to towing, here’s our view:

1. Quality

2. Speed

3. Price

If you get great quality and high speeds for a competitive price, that’s great value!

We all want a great deal, especially if you’re looking for towing service you didn’t expect to need. But a good deal isn’t always the service that’s the cheapest. In our experience, there’s a middle ground of quality of service, speed of service, and price of service, that gets you want you want quickly, without losing all the quality.

For example, a bottom of the bucket service might charge you even less than us for $15 or something, but they’re also far more likely to be late, not update you on when they’re going to arrive, damage your vehicle, and be an amateur (that’s uninsured and untrained).

As a top ranked Union City NJ towing, we focus on providing great quality with great speed, but also at extremely competitive prices so you can be assured you’ll have a smooth experience. We are the five star Union City towing company!

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Customer Experiences

“Closest option for towing near me and they do a GREAT job. Thank you.” – Benny

“Got in a wreck on 27th and asked the other guy if he knew of a good towing company near me, and he recommended these guys. They must have been right around the corner because it was like 5 minutes tops lol” – George

“Very happy with the winching service we received. Thanks a lot.” – Nancy

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